Pumpkin muffins – how to convince the youngest to vegetables

Babeczki dyniowe

Many of us remembers about pumpin just before Halloween. But I wanted to let you know that pumpkin is available most of the year and you could use it anytime you’d like. It has many nutritional values. As we all know, most kids don’t want to even look at vegetables 🙂 Pumpkin muffins are a […]

Gingerbread cake with cream cheese and salted caramel

Kostka piernikowa z kremowym serkiem i solonym karmelem

Winter is coming, and I needed a fully warming cake therapy to deal with that. First thing that came to my mind, regarding warming up, was a gingerbread cake. But I decided to customize it a bit and I preapred gingerbread cake with cream cheese and salted caramel. Have a look at how it turned […]

Shortcake cookies on yolks with salted caramel

Kruche ciasteczka z solonym karmelem

Shortcake on yolks is the best way to use yolks remained after baking macaroons, meringues or butter sponge cake. Yolks are very specific product that can not be stored many days in fridge or refrigerator, that is why I decided to use them quickly after making an ombre cake 🙂 Difficulty:     Time: 2 h  Portions: 30 […]

Butter sponge cake with peaches and whipped cream

Butter sponge cake with peaches and whipped cream

My last summer inspiration was a peach tree that gave an enormous amount of fruits. Beautiful and sweet peaches showed up in my kitchen especially to be used for a refreshing dessert. I prepared for you a butter sponge cake with peaches and whipped cream. This vanilla cake combined with spicy peaches and light whipped […]