Chocolate cake you’ll fall in love with

Chocolate cake with Knoppers

Chocolate cake can be interpret in many ways, but everyone who loves chocolate know, that the interpretation doesn’t matter and chocolate has it’s beneficial effects. This ingredient works almost like a drug, it makes us feel better immediately and one can be addicted from chocolate 🙂 But that’s what sweet therapy is. Let’s try it yourself, and you’ll find out that there’s no convertible ingredient!

To prepare chocolate cake you’ll need:

Chocolate sponge cake


220 g of eggs

120 g of sugar

110 g flour

20g potato flour

40 g of dark cocoa

60 g of butter

2 table spoons of raspberry liquor (or any other that you think makes the best combination with chocolate)


Turn on the oven on 170°C.

Whip the eggs with sugar until it’s fluffy. In a separate bowl mix all dry ingredients.

In a small pot melt the butter on a low heat. Slowly add to the whipped eggs on low speed. Mix all together until fully combined. Next, keep adding dry ingredients spoon by spoon until all is mixed. At the end add liquor and mix again. You’re dough is ready to bake.

Put the baking paper on the bottom of the baking tray (23 cm of diameter). Put the dough into the baking tray and pit all into the preheated oven. Bake for around 20 minutes or until the toothpick is dry. Leave the cake to cool down completely.

Crispy chocolate


45 g of olive oil

40 g of butter

400g of chocolate with crisps


Break the chocolate into pieces and melt in a water-bath until it’s totally melted. To hot chocolate add butter and olive oil and mix all together until  butter is melted.



60 g of sugar

50 g of water

40 g of liquor


Boil water with sugar (do not mix when boiling!). Take out from the heat and pour the alcohol into the sugar syrup. Mix all together.

At this moment cut your sponge cake in half and get rid of the uneven parts.

First sponge cake layer put into the baking tray (you don’t need to put baking paper at the bottom of it) and then sprinkle it with punch (I used the silicon brush). Next, put the layer with chocolate crisp and put into the freezer for about half an hour.

In the meantime prepare a mirror topping.

Mirror topping


207 g of 30% sour cream

100 g of dark cocoa

170 g of water

250 g of sugar

50 g of honey

40 g of water + 25 g of gelatine


Soak the gelatine in water.

Boil sour cream, sugar, cocoa and water. After ingredients are boiled, mix them together and add honey. At the end add soaked gelatine and mix until gelatine is melted.

To make the topping really smooth use the blender to blend it, and then pour all through the strainer to a separate bowl. Put the food wrap around it and leave it to cool down.

Next prepare the chocolate mousse.

Dark chocolate mousse


60 g of yolks

45 g of water

Sugar with vanilla

150 g of 30% sour cream

100 g of dark chocolate

10 g of gelatine + 20 g of water


Boil sugar with water and vanilla sugar (again, don’t mix it when boiling!). Slowly add the sugar syrup to the mixing yolks on low speed. After that turn to high speed and mix until you get a smooth (almost white) cream.

Soak gelatine in water and melt it on very low heat. Remember not to boil it, or otherwise it will lose its properties.

Whip the cream.

Melt chocolate on water-bath and put aside from heat. To the hot chocolate start adding yolks and whipped cream spoon by spoon alternately, and mix after each adding. At the far end add soaked gelatine. Your mousse is ready.

Get the cake from freezer and put other part of sponge cake on the top. Sprinkle it with punch and put the chocolate mousse on it. Put all into the refrigerator until completely concentrated and then put it to the freezer for about an hour or two.

Prepare big plate and but the medium bowl on it upside down.

Take the cake out from the freezer and put on the bowl.

Take the food wrap out from the mirror topping and mix it with whisk. Pour it all over the cake so it’s fully covered. Leave it for a moment so all topping is concentrated.

At this moment you can decorate your cake with whatever you’d like. I prepared two chocolate cake with different decorations. First elegant – covered with American blackberries and white chocolate and the second a bit crazy – covered all with sweets and forest fruits.

Slowly put the cake in a flat plate and put it to the refrigerator for an hour minimum.

After this time you can enjoy the flavour of the chocolate mousse combined with a chocolate crisp and fruits. And by that I mean you’ll put yourself under a sweet therapy. Immediate smile and improvement of well-being is guaranteed 🙂

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