Chocolate muffins with M&Ms covered with butter cream with condensed milk

chocolate muffins with M&Ms

As a enormous fan of sweets here comes the time to prepare a dessert with M&Ms. My idea was to use as many M&Ms as I could. That is why I added them both into the muffins and on top of them. Moreover I mixed sweetened condensed milk into the butter which made it even more caloric. By doing all this I got chocolate muffins with M&Ms covered with butter cream with condensed milk.

You’ll need

Chocolate muffins


100 g of eggs

240 g of sugar

150 g of milk

300 g of flour

15 g of dark cocoa

Sugar with vanilla

0,5 teaspoon of soda

1 teaspoon of baking powder

150 g of butter

90 g of chocolate M&Ms


Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Prepare baking tray for muffins and fill it with muffin cases. You should get around 12 muffins.

Mix eggs with sugar and sugar with vanilla until it’s fluffy. In a separate bowl mix all dry ingredients. Slowly add milk to eggs while mixing on low speed. In a small pot melt the butter and slowly add it to dough while mixing on low speed.

Now add all the dry ingredients and mix all using spoon until all is combined and then add M&Ms and also mix slowly. Using spoon keep adding dough to muffin cases until you’re run out of dough. Put baking tray into the oven and bake until the toothpick is dry (around 30 minutes).

Ready muffins leave to cool down completely.

Butter cream with condensed milk


200 g of butter

120 g of condensed milk


Mix butter until you get almost white fluffy cream (it lasts around 10 minutes, when you’re mixing on the highest speed).  Next slowly add condensed milk and mix all for about 2 more minutes.

At this moment you can add a dye of your choice or leave the cream as it is (a little beige).

Decorating muffins

Put the butter cream into a pastry bag ended up with selected ending and decorate muffins using round moves. You can now put anything you want on muffins cream.

I chose M&Ms and strawberries and believe me – the sweetness of chocolate and sour taste of strawberries made it a genius combination!

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