Shortcake cookies on yolks with salted caramel

Kruche ciasteczka z solonym karmelem

Shortcake on yolks is the best way to use yolks remained after baking macaroons, meringues or butter sponge cake. Yolks are very specific product that can not be stored many days in fridge or refrigerator, that is why I decided to use them quickly after making an ombre cake 🙂

Time: 2 h 
Portions: 30

You’ll need

Shortcake cookies


140 g of butter

50 g of sugar

140 g of flour

75 g of yolks (around 5 yolks)


First preheat the oven to 180°C.

Next ut all the ingredients in the mixer and mix them on medium level until they start combine. Then take the dough out of the mixer and make a cake. Next wrap the doug with food wrap nd put in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

After that time form the little dumpling cookies and put them all on a baking tray covered with baking paper. Place cookies in the oven and bak for about 20 minutes.

When cookies are ready leave them to cool down completely. At the end you can decorate your cookies with whatever you’d like. I decided to prepared a salted caramel for my little dumpling 🙂

Salted caramel


100 g of sugar

100 g of 30% sour cream

half tea spoon of salt


At the beginning put the sugar in a pot and heat at low level.
Tip: it’s very important to look at the sugar all the time, so it won’t burn

When sugar will melt completely and will have a golden colour then take it away from the heat and add sour cream. Next put all on the heat again and mix slowly, using thinner part of a wooden spoon, until the consistency of caramel is uniform. At the end add the salt and mix all together. Your salted caramel is ready

To decorate cookies with salted caramel you need to wait until it’s having a temperature around 40 degrees and then put it to pastry bag to decorate cookies.

Have fun!

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