Fruit ombre cake with whipped cream and mascarpone

Tort ombre owocowy

I wanted to bake another ombre cake for a long time. I was wondering of what colors should I choose to connect it with my favourite fruits. At the end I decided to choose a beautiful color of sun and summer – yellow. So lt’s see how this turned out.

You’ll need


Ombre butter cakes

To make ombre butter cakes you can use an existing recipe for rainbow cake.

In this case you’ll need to split a dough into four parts and add different portions of the same dye.

  • part I – 2 g of yellow dye
  • part II – 4 g of yellow dye
  • part III – 2 g of yellow dye + 1 g of orange dye
  • part IV – 2 g of yellow dye + 2 g of orange dye

Every part should be baked separately in a baking tray with a diameter of 23 cm in an oven preheated 180°C. The cake is ready after around 10 minutes or when the toothpick is dry.

Cake filling


400 g of 30% sour cream

500 g of mascarpone

60 g of powdered sugar


In a mixer whip a cream with powdered sugar until it’s stiff. Next keep adding mascarpone spoon by spoon and mix until you get a fluffy cream.

Your cream is ready!

Filling up and decorating the cake


4 fresh figs

250 g of fresh red currants

250 g of fresh berries

1 fresh mango


The most dark piece of cake should be put at the bottom. Put a whipped cream on it using pastry bag and doing “little meringues”, so they tight next to eachother.

On each layer of cream put different kind of fruits.

  • Ist layer – 3/4 of mango
  • IInd layer  – 150 g of berries
  • IIIrd layer – 200 g of red currants

You can decorate the top layer with the rest of fruits and with quarters of figs.

The best for the cake is for it to cool down for at least 12 hours. But I can imagine for some of you it will be impossible!


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  1. Jest boski! Smakuje równie dobrze jak wygląda. I wbrew pozorom, nie jest taki słodki.. Pycha!

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