Rainbow macaroons with mascarpone and white chocolate

Rainbow macaroons

Rainbow macaroons was something I wanted to do for a long time, and now I finally had some time to realize one 🙂 As I love desserts with rainbow motives, there was no chance that rainbow macaroons won’t be on my blog!

You’ll need



150 g of almonds

150 g of powdered sugar

180 g of sugar ( divided into two portions: 150 g and 30 g )

50 ml of water

120 g of egg whites (divided into two portions of 60 g)

Preparing macaroons

In a bowl mix almonds and powdered sugar, next put them to blender and blend until you’ll get a flour. Be careful not to blend them to long, as if the almond oil will extract you won’t be able to use it for macaroons.

Next, one portion of egg whites mix with almond flour and add dye. Mix everything until smooth. The other portion put into the mixer.

In a pot mix the water and 150 g of sugar and leave it to boil at medium level.

Tip: Do not mix the sugar syrup while boiling!!!

When sugar will start to melt, in the same time changing to a sugar syrup (transparent color), start whisking the egg whites on the highest rounds. When egg whites are almost whisked start adding sugar (30 g portion) spoon by spoon until the sugar is completely melted. Then change the round to the lowest and while mixing add sugar syrup by a small stream.

Tip: After above you’ll get an Italian meringue.

When all the syrup will be mixed with egg whites, then change the mixer rounds to the highest and mix around 7 minutes until the meringue will have a room temperature. Now add first portions of meringue to almonds and slowly and gently mix by wooden spoon. Repeat the action until the meringue is completely added to almonds. Now mix the almonds until it will easily fall from the spoon. Remember to get rid of the air bubbles while mixing.

Forming macaroons

Put the almond meringue to the confectionery sleeve.

Silicone mat

If you want to use a silicone mat for macaroons then you can directly form cookies on it Remember that you have to put the meringue on the small circle. After that the cookie will get bigger reaching the bigger circle.

Baking tray with baking paper

However, if you don’t have a silicone mat or you don’t want to use it, you can easily put baking paper on the baking tray.

Tip: To make forming a bit easier, in each corner of the baking tray put some meringue. Then press the baking paper so it’s glued to the baking tray. Using this trick baking paper won’t go up and won’t deform your cookies.

Form the macaroons using a confectionery sleeve, holding it at the right angle to the baking tray. Doing this you will make your macaroons grow up and not on the sideways.

Drying the macaroons

This part of making cookies is the most important one. We dry macaroons to make a crust on the top of them. This will result in forming a characteristic footer at the bottom of macaroons. And also your cookies won’t crack while baking. Drying the macaroons usually takes around 30 minutes but it depends on the air humidity. So don’t be surprised if your cookies will dry in 10 minutes, or contrary – will be dried after 60 minutes.

Baking macaroons

When your cookies are dried, turn on the oven to 160°C to a hot air mode and bake around 10 minutes. Every oven is different so watch your macaroons, as then can be baked after 8 minutes, or will be baking around 15 minutes.

Baked macaroons put on the side to cool down. After that take them off the baking tray.

Filling up the macaroons

What could be the macaroons filling if not a rainbow creme.

Rainbow creme


500 g of mascarpone

100 g of white cholocate

Wilton dyes ( violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red )


Put the mascarpone into mixer and whip until soft.

In a meantime melt the white chocolate in water bath. When that’s ready pour the chocolate with little stream into the mascarpone, mixing on low speed. When boh ingredients are well combined, divide all into 6 even part into separate bowls. Add different dye color to each part and mix until having flat color.

Rainbow macaroons

Prepare the confctionery sleeve with star ending and spoon by spoon put each color into sleeve alternately until you’ll get run out of creme. Your filling is ready to put on macaroons!

Rainbow macaroons

And this is my final effect.Rainbow macaroons

Rainbow macaroons

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