Babeczki cytrynowe z kremem maślanym o smaku kwiatu czarnego bzu

Babeczki cytrynowe z kremem z kwiatu czarnego bzu

Upcoming wedding of my best friend inspired me to do something really special. So the first thing I thought of  was Royal Wedding Cake flavors. A combination of lemon and elderflower sounded genius. And then I decided that will be it! And that’s how Lemon cupcakes with elderflower butter cream has been made up. Difficulty:   […]

Chocolate cake with whipped cream, raspberry gelly and white chocolate with Lentils

Tort czekoladowy z białą czekoladą i malinami

The next cake which has a chocolate as a main ingredient – no doubt that this is my favourite desserts element. But in this case I decided to spice it up a bit and combine chocolate cake with white chocolate and lentils and a raspberry gelly which will make a great taste balance. You’ll need […]