“Fast” gingerbread cookies with yeast

Szybkie pierniczki

Christmas is coming, and you’re not having your gingerbread cookies yet? This recipe is an ideal solution for this! This time I prepared for you “fast” gingerbread cookies on yeast and without dark cocoa. Let’s see how they have come up. You’ll need Difficulty:     Preparing time: 1 h  Portions: 40 “Fast” gingerbread cookies Ingredients 300 g […]

Mini millet cheesecake with strawberries and white chocolate

Mini sernik jaglany z truskawkami i białą czekoladą

You may be wondering how cheesecake can be called millet, as it is supposed to be made from cheese. This name ideally suits to this dessert because its consistency reminds me of a cheesecake. Moreover, all of my “testers” also thought that is was actually a cheesecake not a millet dessert. And this was the […]

Pumpkin muffins – how to convince the youngest to vegetables

Babeczki dyniowe

Many of us remembers about pumpin just before Halloween. But I wanted to let you know that pumpkin is available most of the year and you could use it anytime you’d like. It has many nutritional values. As we all know, most kids don’t want to even look at vegetables 🙂 Pumpkin muffins are a […]