Lemon curd – ideal for cakes and refreshing desserts

Famous lemon curd is one of the most genius additions to cakes, desserts and cookies. Every fan of sour flavours will admit, that one can not resist to eat it. I needed to use lemon curd to lemon personalized cake, so I decided to share a recipe with you.

You’ll need

Lemon curd


4 lemons (juice + peel)

320 g of sugar

230 g of eggs

70 g of yolks

160 g of butter


Put all ingredients into a pot and heat on medium level until, mixing all the time, until all ingredients will combine and cream will have a consistency of a gelly.

Lemon curd’s consistency and its sour taste will make it great addition for mny desserts. I used it especially for a lemon cake, but also to put on little meringues.


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