Mini millet cheesecake with strawberries and white chocolate

You may be wondering how cheesecake can be called millet, as it is supposed to be made from cheese. This name ideally suits to this dessert because its consistency reminds me of a cheesecake. Moreover, all of my “testers” also thought that is was actually a cheesecake not a millet dessert. And this was the surprise 🙂

You’ll need

Shortbread bottom


200 g of biscuits

70 g of butter


First, prepare muffins baking tray and fill each hole with muffin case. Next blend biscuits, so they have consistency of a flour, and add melted butter. Mix all ingredients, until they are well combined.

Next, using the spoon put portions of biscuits to each muffin case. Form the layer so it has around 0.5 cm of height and keep it as smooth as you can. 

Put all to the fridge and prepare millet cheesecake.

Millet cheesecake with strawberries and white chocolate


100 g (1 bag) of millet

400 g of frozen strawberries

75 g of powdered sugar

145 g of natural yogurt

100 g (1 bar) of white chocolate 

20 g of milk

13 g of gelatin in leaves

5 g of vanilla extract 


Firstly, boil the millet in non-salted water, until it’s soft. Next put frozen strawberries to the blender and cover with powdered sugar. 

In a meantime soak the gelatin in a water. After 10 minutes press it out off the water.

Boiled millet put into the blender, add yogurt and vanilla extract and blend add until well combined and smooth.

Next in a small pot put both milk and white chocolate and heat on low level. When all ingredients will combine and chocolate will melt completely, turn off the heat and add soaked gelatin. Mix all together until gelatin in melted.

While blending, keep adding white chocolate until all ingredients will combine.

Next, using scoop, add portions of millet cheesecake on top of biscuits layer. You’ll probably need more then 12 muffin cases. I used 18.

Put muffins baking tray to the fridge for minimum 3 hours.

After that time, you can decorate your desserts however you like. I myself, used the hydrolized white chocolate, which we’ve prepared on a confectionery course





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