Fried donuts with plum jam

Shrove Tuesday is a special day for all donut fans. And I am also one of them. I could eat donuts every day actually, but the calories are stopping me 🙂 I prepared for you Polish fried donuts recipe with home made plum jam made by my grandma.

Prepare time: 3h
Portions: 15

You’ll need


Polish donuts


80 g of egg yolks

50 g of sugar

sugar with vanilla

360 g of flour

7 g of dy yeast = 25 g fresh yeast

grated orange peel

125 g of milk

10 g of alkohol

50 g of butter

For filling

100 g of plum jam

For frying

400 g of vegetable oil or fat


In a mixer whisk egg yolks and sugar until they are fluffy. Next in a separate bowl mix flour and yeast.

Keep adding milk and alkohol to the eggs, while mixing. Next add flour and mi using special yeast-dough-mixer-ending.

When your dough will be ready (it will be moving away from your hand freely), set the dough aside and cover with a cloth and leve it to grow for about an hour.

Whn you see, that your dough is doubled then roll it out on a silicone mat and cut out circles using a glass (6 cm of diameter).

Put 1 tsp on half of the circles and next cover each with plain circles. Form a ball and try to avoid the filling getting out of the donut.

Set aside prepared donuts and leave for growing for about 30 minutes. After that time heat the fat / oil on a pan.

Tip: To check if your fat is properly heated, take a bit of a yeast dough and put into the fat. It should start sizzle and grow, which will mean you can start frying your donuts.

Each donut need to be fryed for 3 minutes on each side.

Fried donuts put on a paper towels, to get rid of fat excess.

Decorating donuts

You can decorate cooled down donuts however you’d like. I decided to use both icing sugar and powdered sugar as my home-tasters are having different prefrences 🙂


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